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Screen printing, is a renowned technique now used extensively for logos and t-shirts

Screen printing, is a renowned technique now used extensively for logos and t-shirts

Screen printing, is a renowned technique now used extensively for logos and t-shirts


Silk screen printing is a renowned printing technique and is extensively used to print designs onto products of different materials and sizes. This is in use for over 100 years in the artistic and commercial sector. It is used to print designs and images on tote bags, t-shirts, ceramics, wood, paper and other materials.


There are different silk-screen printing types, depending on the printing process used. Among them, serigraphy is highly used in the graphic design sector for textile printing.


Silk-screen printing

Silk screen is a technique of printing using different materials. A printing frame is created and the design is onto a sheet such that the ink is transferred. The frame is placed using a scraper such that the colors are screened on any t-shirt or apparel. Thus a layer is applied and the ink is left to dry. In spite of the craftsmanship, silk screen printing is not highly modern and now there is machinery and ink available enabling to obtain superfine quality results.  This is the reason now more companies prefer silk-screen printing for t-shirts and also for logos.


Benefits of silk-screen printing

  • Reproduction of perfect color
  • Excellent quality price for large print runs
  • Personalized items durability
  • Printouts are resistant to washing types

Silk-screen printing is appropriate for designs up to four spot colors, such as phrases, logos and simple graphic designs. However, for complex printouts and short runs such as designs or photographs with gradations, the digital printing is recommended.


Screen printing takes some time to really get used to. On practicing you get to know the exact exposure timing, the pressure required to push the ink on the screen and to consider other quirks. On getting used to the process of screen printing, you understand the way it works and then bumping two to three colors in the designs is not difficult. However, most shops handle screen printing as they feature large machines and it is simple that the screen printing can be done as DIY or from home, if you are really patient.


Screen printing ink gets dried quickly and so once done with printing shirts, it is best to wash the ink off the screen to use it in the future. In case you wish to print a different image completely, you may use the emulsion remover, wipe the screen such that it is perfectly clean and reuse the frame and the fabric.













  • Perform a test print prior to printing on the finished surface.
  • Discard the paper stencils as the screen is washed. If you wish to have the same print in lots, make at once several stencils and ensure Ottawa screen printing for further sessions of printing.


Some of the fabric paint tricks of screen printing using water based inks on various textiles:

  • Silk fabrics
  • Cotton fabrics
  • Wool fabrics
  • Jersey fabrics
  • Polyester and Jersey fabrics


Enhance the design techniques and graphics of printing with your creativity and get your screen printing to the best.

Reinforce brand awareness with promotional printing

Reinforce brand awareness with promotional printing

Reinforce brand awareness with promotional printing


Giving free stuff does not really make sense, but remember there is a catch in it. These promotional items can be anything your coffee mugs, USB stick to branded pens. Having t shirt screen printing company on them may act as adverts and they each time reinforces brand awareness. These promotional products have a great scope such as:


Take home message

Offering a promotional item that may be useful to user’s means you promote the services or the products of yours through the printing message. The people who use or even see regularly unknowingly will reinforce brand recognition and thus there is a development of target audience. This assists in developing customer base into something positive. Your promotional products if of great use regularly to them as a gadget, then you have accomplished a great job.


Destined for desk

If you ever consider or use direct marketing as a tool of promotion, you will realize soon that it is a targeted approach and the response rate may be low. In fact, many times such direct mail is not considered and ends up as failure.


Promotional products get used.  So to raise general awareness and also a call to action that is time-sensitive, such branded items are a great way to acquire high number of impressions with direct marketing. While potential customers receive from you a mail, your brand familiarly will unknowingly compel them to listen to that you wish to say or convey.


Long-term relationship

Promotional products are not like some TV ad and so to maintain permanency there is a need for a memorable fixture. If you give your customers that they need, it will work as a magic for many more years. These tactics has resulted in good business and having your name of the service or product with screen printing Ottawa helps in spreading fast the brand awareness. In this way you also get to maximize the product or service influence. Get a product that is re-used such as get t-shirt, writing implement or shopping bag than a packet of chocolates that is eaten and forgotten.


Thus choosing right products is important so that you promote business. A promotional product chiming with customers needs imply you must know the audience before targeting.  Having products that drive people to reach you for more is important for your business growth. Among the promotional products, pens are a useful option and it can have promotional printing.  Giving products that are regularly in use keeps them remembered of your name and reaching you becomes easy.


If you wish to get a helping hand to choose products for brand promotion, you must keep a watchful eye on the market trend. However, getting customized shirts is a tactful way of reaching audience near and far. The shirts are wearable and so on wearing it gains attention of viewers. This means the design on the shirt must be attractive that it does not miss viewer’s attention. Ensure to have a catchy design and seal your audience choice making a bond.


The promotional printing ensures achieving effective business goals

The promotional printing ensures achieving effective business goals

The promotional printing ensures achieving effective business goals


Promotional products are the most cost-effective ways of marketing for years.  It is helpful right from big enterprises to new businesses and as giveaways as marketers’ favorite.  The custom t-shirt printing products work for gifts and as advertising message. People considering promotional products are mostly into business and even the receivers receiving such gift items retain the gifts for a period of 4 to 5 years.


In fact, even the stats reveal that consumers are able to recall the company name from which they receive promotional products for around 2 years after receiving the items. Thus, they get 500% referrals with the gift items from satisfied customers. Thus, it lays emphasis on the promotional products as brand recognition and marketing.


Businesses, small and large recognize promotional products importance to reach out people in the market today. The gift items featuring packaging of high quality entice recipients and also draw attention to the businesses. These products have brand message and logo printed. The aim of giving merchandise as promotional is to drive the interest of customers in business.


Marketers use promotional products that are branded to get better results. The branded products can be used for several months and the aim is that these quality products keep consumers engaged with a brand. It means distributing the gift items one time is good to engage customers for months.


A thumb rule is that most marketers follow promotional product campaign and give away things or items that will be of daily use.  These gifts may be calendars, pens, dairies, mouse pads, lip balms, water bottles and so on. Thus a creative strategy needs to be created such that it is unique and useful to have broader impact, besides high quality.


Reasons for promotional products gaining popularity


Inexpensive marketing

Small enterprises cannot spread with advertising campaign as it may be very costly. But, now with promotional products such as custom sweatshirts printing, the marketing can be continued and with low cost. This is suitable for low cost startups to distribute promotional items.


Sound strategy or marketing

Most manufacturers keep low prices for promotional products as it is meant for mass distribution. The gift items prices are less, but the impact on the recipients is high. Mostly, mugs or t-shirts are given as free gifts and this delivery as great investment value.  You can get customers with this simple giveaway.


 Instant Brand Recognition

Brand recognition helps identifying the products and services on spotting the logo. Thus people can recognize the fast food business of McDonalds immediately on seeing the logo in yellow arch.


Your promotional items gift to the customers assures you are remembered and your business is recognized. Even if the gift remains in the cars, offices or homes, the promotional products received as gift is not forgotten. Thus you are rewarded by more business as they go shopping.


Remember the giveaways are promotional and have your contact information as any other business cards. The gift items must bear the logo of your company, the images and a slogan depicting the business message, working promoting your business.


Initiate T-Shirt online Business considering these elements.

Initiate T-Shirt online Business considering these elements.

Initiate T-Shirt online Business considering these elements.

The t-shirt in casual wear is staple and it has been accepted universally by men and women. They are seen as a classic casual wear piece, but they are also a blank canvas for artists. In fact, starting online business with t-shirts is an inexpensive way of initiating business. However, it is not that you can catch a business with some plain, boring type t-shirts. Instead consider custom ink printing ottawa.


Before starting such business with custom t-shirts, consider these elements:


  • Niche: Try to be really specific as it will help you stand out better in the market and also attract the right audience. All this can be done without blowing your budget.
  • Design: Most people like buying graphic tees, but they concentrate on the graphics, design and slogans. This is because they like it to connect to their individuality and reflect the personality and opinions.
  • Quality: The shirts quality must have top notch prints to be on the top line of preference.
  • Brand: An interesting brand is important in the t-shirt industry.


Choosing an appropriate niche is important to sustain in the t-shirt industry. The important factor is in building a t-shirt successful business and this helps in standing out from many other competitors. This is also one of the ideal ways to cater to a particular niche.


Generally in t-shirts the slogans can be funny, but remember it is reaching a developed market. Thus keep your slogan niche specific on the t-shirts relating to particular areas such as engineers, doctors or foodies. This may look like a known platform and there will be people loving the same.


A visitor will not appreciate to see a design that he or she has already seen it elsewhere. This is the place you have to set apart and designs alone can make it distinct. There is no need for you to consider some complex designs. Even simple graphic tees take for a big sale. All that is required is to stand out and to connect the minds of the audience, the real buyers.


Another important part to concentrate is the quality of the t-shirt. If your design pattern cracks or fades on the t-shirt or it shrinks with one wash means you lose fans and no one will come back looking for you or consider another purchase.


There is a need to make a strong brand like appearance. It need not be some promotional printing, but there is a need to maintain good design, quality and niche.  Building a likeable and unique brand is important and it is very important to have distinctive presence in an ecommerce business so that capturing the attention of customers is possible.


Not all t-shirts are identical and also the jobs printing also vary. Thus, quality is paramount to success. Surfacing for higher profit means a lot, but you must consider how it will affect the decisions of the customer. Before starting a business, consider several factors such as sizing, fit, weight, design and material softness.

 Screen Printing; know the process and the technique that ensures lasting prints

 Screen Printing; know the process and the technique that ensures lasting prints

 Screen Printing; know the process and the technique that ensures lasting prints


Screen printing is a technique used 2000 years ago by the Chinese. This is the time human hair was used to create a screen across a wooden frame. Later Japanese came up with screen printing process and created lacquers and mesh using woven silk. The silk use made screen printing get an alternative name as silk screen.


Screen printing in this industry of apparel printing is of superior quality as per the standard of industry. This is the reason most graphic tees that have screen printing are sold in retail stores. The process is perfect for garments designing and appears bold besides being cost effective.


Today, screen printing is used with a mesh stencil such that each color must be printed. The screens are lined up and test sheets are used to be printed such that they ensure there is correct line up of colors. The inks are pushed one at a time through the screens for each floor onto the clothing or apparel. Finally, each piece runs under a dryer to cure inks.


Screen printing is aimed to be as bulk printing. The printing part is the fastest part. All the time and costs are in the setup. This is the reason cost per shirt is low if you get more numbers print per design.


A lot of work is involved into getting an apparel, t shirt or shirt ready to print. In fact, it requires every employee to get involved. There is a need to mock up the artwork and the films need to be created. The screen department transforms the film into screens. Thus, the printers setup press to run shirts. It takes some time to run the shirts on the press. Thus printing 1 shirt costs more and even a small order of double digits make the price of the shirt come down.


A lot of factors are involved into a screen printed tee final cost. The Ottawa shirt printing companies try to make things simple by providing setup fess and free screens. They provide free of cost under base and allow deciding the garment you like to print or the number of shirts you wish to have the design and the ink colors in this design.


Picking a brand and style may be the hardest part in this process. There are different options catering to personal preferences and different situations. In printing the hardest part is in deciding the color to print. There is a need to know the colors required and to guarantee an outcome.


Your print will be same as the artwork. All files must be at least 300 dpi or in the vector format & sized such that it should be printed. Most companies charge a setup or screen fee over the printing charge and this can range with each color from $15 to $30 to be printed. Of course, to get a quality print, there is no need to pay extra. The outcome is sure to be super-soft, bright and beautiful print on the shirts and these get softer with each wash.



Party Decorations – Balloons – How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Party Decorations – Balloons – How to Avoid Common Mistakes

In the 18 years that I have been doing business, I’ve had a chance to watch numerous occasion and gathering enrichments. There are a few extremely regular mix-ups that surface over and over. This is particularly troubling since cash, time and exertion are contributed, yet the outcome – great improvement – isn’t accomplished.

As a rule, when you design a gathering, you ought to do as such remembering your lobby or room. This sounds unimportant, however you’d be astounded how often this manage is abused, but a similar occasion will require altogether extraordinary enhancements in two unique rooms.

Something else to remember: we work with human discernment, not with the physical size of the space.

Here are some significant focuses that require consideration when you choose how to brighten party:

1. Height of the roof.

A typical error in the stay with a low roof (say 8′) is to utilize designs that “hit” the roof or that are excessively massive. These inflatable enrichments will consume visual room (regardless of whether they don’t physically take excessively) and will influence you and your visitors to feel claustrophobic and awkward.

For example, on the off chance that you have an expansive cumbersome inflatable curve at the passage, numerous visitors will feel that they need to twist their head, regardless of whether they are under 6 feet high.

In the event that you utilize swell focal points with huge (3-foot) inflatables at your tables, in a live with a low roof they should be too low and will feel abusive and overcompensated.

Despite what might be expected, in the event that you utilize swell sections (particularly, the tight ones) at the entryway – they will add stature and style to the passageway, influencing both it and the space to look taller.

So also, in the event that you utilize thin, upward-achieving focal points at your tables, they will make a dream of an “inaccessible” roof, elevating the whole room.

In the stay with a high roof or one that is too extensive there are different imperatives – you don’t need your visitors to feel lost in a tremendous space. You should seriously mull over cutting the roof down outwardly by utilizing, for instance, an inflatable vault or an inflatable wellspring and to make the room more comfortable by including bigger structures (bigger inflatable curves, expand dividers, and so on.).

You can likewise “shrivel” the space by including structures along the dividers yet closer to the middle – outwardly making the inside littler and making a “passageway” along the dividers.

2. Colors in the room.

I hear this relatively consistently: “My hues are gold and white; I need gold and white inflatable enhancements.” Then we get to the room and I see a considerable measure of white roof, pale dividers and a light floor where white inflatables will nearly soften away from plain sight and the brilliant ones will be not really more recognizable than white. It is much more terrible, if the room is a white tent.

The principal thing that rings a bell, obviously, is – pick your hues after you pick the room. This isn’t generally conceivable, however consider including or taking without end a shading to orchestrate the shades of the room and the shades of your wedding (child blue dividers will conflict with burgundy dresses, yet you may have the capacity to present a mauve in the enhancements to mix them).

3. Small improvements in enormous room.

As I said before, we work with human discernment. In the event that you host a gathering in a vast room or outside, your improvements (expand designs or some other kind) are vieing for consideration with different questions in the space.

In a huge room it could be a phase, a major standard or expand ceiling fixtures. Outside – it will be trees, house, and mists. So whatever you design, your adornments ought to be expansive, bright, and delicious or you will be the just a single to realize that they are there.

For instance, little, extremely nitty gritty focal points for a gathering of 2000 individuals in an immense exercise center – is a misuse of cash. Truly, they are pleasant, all around themed, yet what amount of consideration do they get?

By a similar token, if for such a gathering, you design an immense inflatable figure, don’t squander cash on printing your logo on each inflatable. No one will take note.

More supportive insights on enriching your gathering are coming. Watch our productions for refreshes.