Screen printing, is a renowned technique now used extensively for logos and t-shirts

Screen printing, is a renowned technique now used extensively for logos and t-shirts

Screen printing, is a renowned technique now used extensively for logos and t-shirts


Silk screen printing is a renowned printing technique and is extensively used to print designs onto products of different materials and sizes. This is in use for over 100 years in the artistic and commercial sector. It is used to print designs and images on tote bags, t-shirts, ceramics, wood, paper and other materials.


There are different silk-screen printing types, depending on the printing process used. Among them, serigraphy is highly used in the graphic design sector for textile printing.


Silk-screen printing

Silk screen is a technique of printing using different materials. A printing frame is created and the design is onto a sheet such that the ink is transferred. The frame is placed using a scraper such that the colors are screened on any t-shirt or apparel. Thus a layer is applied and the ink is left to dry. In spite of the craftsmanship, silk screen printing is not highly modern and now there is machinery and ink available enabling to obtain superfine quality results.  This is the reason now more companies prefer silk-screen printing for t-shirts and also for logos.


Benefits of silk-screen printing

  • Reproduction of perfect color
  • Excellent quality price for large print runs
  • Personalized items durability
  • Printouts are resistant to washing types

Silk-screen printing is appropriate for designs up to four spot colors, such as phrases, logos and simple graphic designs. However, for complex printouts and short runs such as designs or photographs with gradations, the digital printing is recommended.


Screen printing takes some time to really get used to. On practicing you get to know the exact exposure timing, the pressure required to push the ink on the screen and to consider other quirks. On getting used to the process of screen printing, you understand the way it works and then bumping two to three colors in the designs is not difficult. However, most shops handle screen printing as they feature large machines and it is simple that the screen printing can be done as DIY or from home, if you are really patient.


Screen printing ink gets dried quickly and so once done with printing shirts, it is best to wash the ink off the screen to use it in the future. In case you wish to print a different image completely, you may use the emulsion remover, wipe the screen such that it is perfectly clean and reuse the frame and the fabric.













  • Perform a test print prior to printing on the finished surface.
  • Discard the paper stencils as the screen is washed. If you wish to have the same print in lots, make at once several stencils and ensure Ottawa screen printing for further sessions of printing.


Some of the fabric paint tricks of screen printing using water based inks on various textiles:

  • Silk fabrics
  • Cotton fabrics
  • Wool fabrics
  • Jersey fabrics
  • Polyester and Jersey fabrics


Enhance the design techniques and graphics of printing with your creativity and get your screen printing to the best.

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