Screen Printing; know the process and the technique that ensures lasting prints

 Screen Printing; know the process and the technique that ensures lasting prints

 Screen Printing; know the process and the technique that ensures lasting prints


Screen printing is a technique used 2000 years ago by the Chinese. This is the time human hair was used to create a screen across a wooden frame. Later Japanese came up with screen printing process and created lacquers and mesh using woven silk. The silk use made screen printing get an alternative name as silk screen.


Screen printing in this industry of apparel printing is of superior quality as per the standard of industry. This is the reason most graphic tees that have screen printing are sold in retail stores. The process is perfect for garments designing and appears bold besides being cost effective.


Today, screen printing is used with a mesh stencil such that each color must be printed. The screens are lined up and test sheets are used to be printed such that they ensure there is correct line up of colors. The inks are pushed one at a time through the screens for each floor onto the clothing or apparel. Finally, each piece runs under a dryer to cure inks.


Screen printing is aimed to be as bulk printing. The printing part is the fastest part. All the time and costs are in the setup. This is the reason cost per shirt is low if you get more numbers print per design.


A lot of work is involved into getting an apparel, t shirt or shirt ready to print. In fact, it requires every employee to get involved. There is a need to mock up the artwork and the films need to be created. The screen department transforms the film into screens. Thus, the printers setup press to run shirts. It takes some time to run the shirts on the press. Thus printing 1 shirt costs more and even a small order of double digits make the price of the shirt come down.


A lot of factors are involved into a screen printed tee final cost. The Ottawa shirt printing companies try to make things simple by providing setup fess and free screens. They provide free of cost under base and allow deciding the garment you like to print or the number of shirts you wish to have the design and the ink colors in this design.


Picking a brand and style may be the hardest part in this process. There are different options catering to personal preferences and different situations. In printing the hardest part is in deciding the color to print. There is a need to know the colors required and to guarantee an outcome.


Your print will be same as the artwork. All files must be at least 300 dpi or in the vector format & sized such that it should be printed. Most companies charge a setup or screen fee over the printing charge and this can range with each color from $15 to $30 to be printed. Of course, to get a quality print, there is no need to pay extra. The outcome is sure to be super-soft, bright and beautiful print on the shirts and these get softer with each wash.



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